Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Short Ode to Blue.....

Blue is my favorite color.....

If 'Im feelin Blue, 

Then I'm feelin Wonder-

Full of life, like the sky and the ocean....

Blue is my favorite emotion

Full of life, like the test with the lines

There were two,

They were blue,

And they gave my life some direction....

Blue is my favorite conception


doughboy said...

wattup loc? haha. this an ode to your 'hood?

Anonymous said...


La Mujer de Maravilla said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...


It seems like everytime someone's favorite color is either red or blue they gotta have a gang affiliation.

...but is it? lmao j/p

Jessika said...

Wow! i really like this!!

Michelle "Hundred-Proof" Francis said...

Poetic prettiness...

resilientbeautyprevails said...

you're a wonderful writer jhene.

@the anonymous writer its very common in my hood that we are stereo typed as gang members if we decide to wear blue or red or camoflauge or hek if i paint my nails blue or red its over smh.i think its rediculous. its just a color geez

win her back said...

cute poems. also one of my favorite color is blue.

Gala غلا الروح said...

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