Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sharing school Online Journal

Online Journal:  Journal 11

April 26 - 30

Directions:  Write a letter to the "you" of 10 years ago; don't tell that "you" what the future holds, but give that "you" advice about life and people, and how to conduct him- or herself. 

After you write your journal entry, post it in ONLINE JOURNAL, and then "talk" to at least one other person about his or her journal entry.  Submit this assignment in ATS by 11:59 PM on Friday.

P.S.  Consider saving your letter for your child, or giving it your child, if your child is old enough to read and understand the letter.  If you do not have a child, consider giving this letter to a young friend or relative who may benefit from the wisdom in the letter.Online Journal:  Journal 11

Dear Jhene,

I know you may not believe this, but you are beautiful inside and out. Never let anyone or anything make you feel differently. No one is perfect, but guess what? No one is YOU either! You can't compare yourself to others, just be the best you that you can be. You have a lot to offer the world, but you have to believe in yourself when no one else does and stay focused. Although you know more than most of the kids your age, you still have a lot to learn as we all do.Don't be afraid of what you are capable of. Don't run from success. I know the world of dating is exciting at the tender age of 12, but take your time when it comes to boys. They mature a lot slower than us, so it may be better to wait a while before you get into anything too serious. I know you've been talking to your mom about being home schooled because you want to pursue your career in music and entertainment, but I think you should wait. I've heard that business is really tough, especially when you're a kid. You are extremely talented, but you are an excellent student as well. I think your dream will still be there after you have completed all of your schooling.

Me and you are a lot a like.You are very strong, but yet so sensitive. Be careful of who you let in to your heart. I know you love to please people, but understand that not all people have kind hearts. Continue on the path that you're on. I think that you know what you're doing. Continue to grow and reflect as you always have.I don't know it all, but I do know you are special. No matter what anyone tells you or how often you find yourself being misunderstood, do not change for anyone. I know you believe you can adapt to anyone and any situation, but stay true to yourself...always.

Love, Jhene :)


Yasmin said...

...Whoa. It's kind of like this was written to me (even though it's not lol, and I'm not 12).

You are a very good author and I want to thank you for inspiring me to do better, even though that might not have been your intention. Being 16 in high school tends to bring one down sometimes, haha I needed a lil' boost ;).

Brittni Alisha said...
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Brittney Alisha said...

Aww Jhene, I almost shed some tears reading this...I so feel you on everything. You've helped me realize what I already knew for so long when it comes to pursuing a career in music, being that you've been there and have experienced it. I'm 22 like you, and I've struggled between music vs school. It's a tough battle when all you truly want to do is sing and make things always work out the way they're intended to, and I'm way too far into college to quit now, especially after hearing your advice..Thanks..

the anti socialite said...

wow! Jhene you write this at the age o 12 see i always knew you were a smart kid.. wow..... this is deep. i think might have to write one of these myself..

Anonymous said...

@the anti socialite...

No, I think she wrote this at her current age, to the person she used to be....

resilientbeautyprevails said...

that was beautiful im definately gonna do that myself and maybe let my daughter read it when she is old enough to understand and learn. that was written wonderfully

MzNeekie the Afrobuttafly said...

I love this Jhene. The sincerity is lovely. Maybe I should do my own..

Reflection is beautiful..mirrors are flawed.