Thursday, February 25, 2010

I live here now.


I took my head out of the clouds 
to mingle with society
I found myself, 

By myself

In my own little corner

Sitting quietly

THEY stared and thought
 "She's such a loser"
I smiled back 
and waved

I sipped some wine
I watched them laugh

I saw how they behaved

For a moment I thought,
"I shouldn't be here....
.....This isn't the place for me"

But then I realized....

"I'm exactly what,
a THIS place... NEEDS"

So today,
I put on the clothes they wear,
I did my hair as so....

Disguised myself as one of them, 
that way they'd never know

I learned the language,
learned their songs,

I don't dance,

but I learned there moves
I blended in so perfectly
I had everyone fooled

Although It killed me to ACT this way, 
and be untrue to myself.....

I decided to stay 

I HAVE to stay

Its the only way I can HELP

-the lotus.