Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back like I left something....

Because everyday is a new day,

that we've never seen before

Every day is a new start..... 

I know the beginning of the New Year is symbolic for most of us,
a time to change what needs to be changed and fix what needs to be fixed, 
but really each and everyday we should have a resolution and work towards becoming better.
Another year has passed us by, and many of us are complaining about what DID not happen in our favor. 
But I think we need to realize that we have already been blessed with favor because we are still alive to see a New 

We have another CHANCE! 

Infact, we are blessed with a new CHANCE everyday we wake up!

So, promise me this..... no more complaining, no more procrastinating, no more putting your time or energy into 
people or situations that you KNOW are a waste....and trust me, you KNOW who and what are wastes!

Be safe, Be aware, Be Open MInded, UNDERSTAND and be thankful :)

-Love Always, Jhene :-*