Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I turned off the light

Hoping I could see my thoughts more clearly

Without the light

I look in the mirror and see me more clearly

I am here in this moment

Listening to Nami breathe

Realizing Im not who I claim to be

I take pride in knowing  my potential

Yet, take no initiative to fulfill all that I am capable of being and doing

God is said to be the Ground Of Being…..

I say He is the Ground Of Doing

Doing what is right…..

Doing what you want

In a respectful, righteous manner

I am currently what I do

And based on those things...

I am not the being I want to be

But I know my potential

Afraid of my potential?


Or possibly

It’s afraid of me

And sometimes I say these things just to be poetic

Without believing a thing

A friend once told me, regarding poetry…

“Be as  honest as possible”

In that moment

I realized

I couldnt be...

If so, 

It wouldnt be me

And this is my first

Transitional piece

from lies to honesty

Honest Poetry .



p[L]e[0]a[V]c[E] . said...

kudos !

Adrian J. said...

thats so real.

chentel; said...

veryy good!

wegz said...

i like that..Honesty poetry!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

whoa..."Be as honest as possible"
in that moment I realized I couldn't be, if so i wouldn't be me"

It's crazy to think/realize all the lies we uphold just to be "ourselves"...& SO TRUE: they say the mirror doesn't lie, but No, the light enhances things, sometimes falsifies things...What's there when the lights are off, That's who we we really are....

Nash `n Tash. said...

=] Love it. So true. So, so very true.

Jessica September said...

wow...thats real!

j.danielle said...

your entries always give me insight for some reason. it's very hard to face yourself but a good experience nonetheless!

bam. thee bean said...

agree! this is a conversation i have w. myself from time to time.

Anonymous said...

wow very interesting. honest poetry. brought a lot of thoughts to my mind. i like this a lot.

never be afraid of your potential hun. you know you got it