Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long Time!!

Hope everyone is doing great!!

 I am :)

Will be blogging more soon ...

Just wanted to say



jskrill said...

hey boo

Ashlynn said...

jhene! I'm one of your biggest fans and being a young mother myself, i find your blog and just the way you carry yourself very inspirational. I just had my baby girl michaela 7 months ago and I'm trying to juggle school, work, and taking care of her as well as holding on to my own identity. I want to keep myself up, and I just wanted to know how to take care of your skin (post pregnancy had my skin going crazy), it's flawless! esp. what eyeshadows you use (we're around the same skintone). also I would love to know that pink lipgloss or lipstick you're wearing in your banner, sooo pretty. thank you so much and please keep inspiring us with your words and beauty! <3

Nash `n Tash. said...

Yes!! Can't wait for your blogs; I look forward to them. =]

But I'm good, & I'm glad you're doing well yourself.