Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Mother's Love

(What's between the lines is really important in this one. Enjoy. Relate. Comment :) 
Today I deleted your number from my phone
I planned to erase the memories,
'Til I realized there were none
I've BEEN use to your absence...
So It didn't make a difference,
So there's really nothing missin...

Ur not necessarily a necessity
And honestly,

I was doing YOU a favor

I can tell the whole world 
Of our disqualifications as a man
I can list hundreds before you
That have done what you can't
I can call u out by government name
And have u admitted
(cuz ur ass is insane!)

But that would mean I actually cared,
as if there were somethin we actually shared,
So, I'll leave u with 
a prayer instead...

* A prayer for you:
And the others who....
Thrive on your misery

Blessed be your health,
Wishes for wealth,
And love for your self
You'll need it

The blood we share,

I'll bleed it

But you'll never have my tears
You'll never know my fears....

Cuz you never got to know me
After 21 years.

And in your darkest days
Maybe you'll ponder
You'll think of ur fuck ups...

Maybe you'll wonder

Or maybe you'll still be ignorant 
as the day you were born.

As for me,
I'll never be torn

U have to have a PLACE in a heart, 
In order to break it....
And for as long as I can remember,
That place has been vacant

Love alone is never enough
Unless ofcourse...its a Mother's Love 


Telisha said...

Damn now thats deep 2 me i can actually fill in the pieces to this picture.

resilientbeautyprevails said...

i love this poem its beautiful i can relate only its my mother who it would be for my father was there my mother wasnt though i guess she's trying.....but i love it your a great writer

BrittanyAlyse said...

Wow really felt this one. I had to read some of the lines over. I was literally like if Jhene dnt get out of my head!! Especially related to this part:

"I can tell the whole world
Of our disqualifications as a man
I can list hundreds before youThat have done what you can'tI can call u out by government name
And have u admitted(cuz ur ass is insane!)"

I thank God all the time that He gave my granny nine sons. Wouldn't be who I am if if were not for my uncles taking the place of the sperm donor.

Thanks Jhene for putting more appropriate words to my thoughts!!!! Love yah

l87 said...

the last 2 lines is true wisdom shared!

Asemaj "mimi" Santiago said...

&& if it wasnt for wat u say i wouldnt have realizd how much this discourages my circumstances of not knowing which i came from that being just some man who knows where he is. just that i realized he never cared 20 years n counting the air has been filled with space

alyssa_appleby said...

i love this...
i realate 110%....seriously...

tranquil beauty. said...

i got it. i got it. nice...

Biggi Grosse-Bonnette said...

LOVE this. while i can't necessarily relate, it's beautifully written, unpretentious, and easy for anyone to comprehend.

Miss S said...

yes... all you need to do is stay true to you. it sucks when your heart is shattered... concentrate on that beautiful baby of yours and forge ahead... you have a family and tons of friends right there to be your rock...

Ellie said...

thank you for sharing this.. healed a little piece of my heart reading the words that i have never been able to express out loud. we all have our own stories, but too many of us share the same pain.

Janan said...

Wow...that was brilliant. NICE choice of words(from "the prayer" part on down you went IN! I COMPLETELY feel where ur coming from (however from the other side of the spectrum, :/ I feel that this is the same way this guy feels about me ......anywayss lol GREAT READ! U should eventually make a book of writtings seriously.

Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo said...

Thank you guys :)

Alexyz: said...

Jhene, i thank you so much for this! i almost cry reading this. Only because i could relate to it 1000%. i think one of your commentators said it best by saying "We all have our own stories, but too many of us share the same pain." It feels good to know that we are not alone in some things we go thru. As a writer, i know how encouraging and effective our words and thoughts can be and i just want to thank you for yours. you inspire me mama :)