Sunday, August 30, 2009

screw you for the confusion....thank you for the inspiration....

so sue me!
for not being a mystery
wearing my heart on my sleeve,
and my thoughts in my speech
so hate me!
for being so free
and loving so hard
without hardly knowing a thing...
And take me to prison!
for giving benefits of doubt
and being transparent
turning inside to out
Just kill me!
For wanting
that someone or something
that I've been deserving
but I'm always hurting
Cuz I'm such a dumby
So SUE me!

Love @ first fight...

when u told me you hate me,

and pushed me and shouted,

that no one would  date me,

then threw me on the ground 

and kissed me with passion

the ceiling was spinning,

the rugs left their rashes....

put it  all in your hands

as I prayed for my life,

and I hated u that  night

it was love @ first sight

*no, i have never been hit by a man before....

this is just a poem....*

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's a bitter/sweet story about a man....

he met his soulmate over the internet.....

.fell in love with pictures and texts...

in love with a girl that may not even exist, 

Whom he may never get to hold or kiss.

she'll always be something for him to miss.....

but @tleast for the moment what he feels is real

and he smiles and laughs and dreams of her

and writes songs he wishes to sing to her

and though she may be an imaginary friend

she made him feel alive again

Love is still Love,

EVEN when......

There's no one on the other end

True Story