Monday, June 15, 2009


June 16th, 1971
He would have been 38 today...
This is the ONLY man I've ever been and will ever be a stone cold CRAZY FANATIC about.
Not only was Tupac an incredible rapper he was an amazing writer, poet, actor and philanthropist.
Its sorta strange to people when I tell them Mr. Shakur is my #1 inspiration, but in my opinion he is the epitome of an entertainer and activist! He had the charisma to draw you in, the talent to make you listen and the intelligence to teach you a thing or two! !!! 
He was VERY misunderstood, but when you really dig into his career...his poetry....his books... he rivals with Einstein in MY OPINION!!
Worlds cant express how MAD I get when I realize I will never be able to meet him!! BUT I listen to him almost everyday and collect tons of Tupac memorabilia! lol

I can go on and on.... but I will end on this note:
T.H.U.G L.I.F.E !! (The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone) !!!

(umm...can I nominate myself to be that person?!! lol)


jskrill said...


Shandra E...*the misses said...

As a youngin, I only knew he was beautiful on the outside..&& I was never allowed to look/listen long enough because like you said, so many people Misunderstood him!!! As i got older & began figuring him out on my own....I realized How Beautiful he was on the Inside!! (hence the reason I call him "the beautiful Mind") He definitely stands tall next to Einstein & other greats! His poetry alone...His legacy, His history and love of it, His "blackness" never knew a Black man to love his culture so much (besides my own Black Panther/grandfather), his soul is just so RICH...*sigh...I don't even get mad...i get so heartbroken sometimes, (he passed on MY birthday!!)but idk, i like to think of it as an exchange & i've been "sparked" ever since....

Sunshyne said...

Happy Birthday Tupac!!

Naomi13x said...

Yes his mum was a activist a great powerful women fighting for the rights of many! he learn't alot from her being a strong role model :) happy bday 2 u ! hes still alive :) as hes still makes an impression on many peoples lives today.

Asemaj "mimi" Santiago said...

well i believe u meeting tupac is very much a possibility i dont believe he is dead. thats m opinion i stick to the evidence presented n it tells mi he still roaming the earth . lol PAC LIVES!

MzNeekie the Afrobuttafly said...

You're Diehard Jhene...LOL I loves it. I've already expressed basically how I feel about Tupac in response to another of ur blog posts so I won't be redundant. I'll just say that I miss him so much..but in a way sometimes I feel glad that he didn't live to witness that tragedies like 9/11 and the horrid Katrina episode. But then I'm sad he didn't get to see the 1st black president. I have so many mixed emotions..about those who ave passed. Sometimes I envy them. But I love this man and if it is God's will I will see him some day.

biancathekidd said...

I love Tupac he was such a wise spirit and he had all the right ideas, it's a shame in the end, like most stars who die before their time, he trusted the wrong people. And I love the quote about "sparking the mind that will change the world", it's true what he had to say has touched many of us and sparked a change.