Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is one of those songs I  put on repeat and fall asleep to...and wake up to 

Makes me want to fall  in love....lol.

THIS is a perfect song... may not be what ur into....but I freakin LOVE IT! :) 


epiphany. said...

i love this song! i`m gonna post it on my blog in my music section. it`s very soothing & relaxing.

p0pular.inc said...

beautiful...... Can't wait for the day I feel that way.. well I can wait lol cause patience is virtue... but I would love to feel that emotion!

K. Brown


Asemaj "mimi" Santiago said...

that was pretty koo the drums kind of sounded like horses walking that was a nice song make ya feel gud lol

*ERIKA* said...

this is the MOST played song in my itunes. love love love it. everytime i play his music in my car, ppl r always like "what the heck is this?". OPEN up ur mind ppl, good music isn't just the typical stuff u hear on the radio lol

Jemisha said...

I remember this song. You had it on your MySpace a while back and I fell in love with it.

Thanks for bringing it back

Soulstar said...


thanks for putting us up on game.

Mystikbuttafly said...
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Mystikbuttafly said...

Hmm...I can see how you could fall asleep to this. The sound is really smooth and soothing. You could just drift away on the melody..Although it is a little more upbeat I am the same way with this song

I just float on the cleft notes..and dive into the lyrics. Nothing exists but me and the music. This is how I stay alive.