Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm just saying....

It is impossible to be fully engaged in the PRESENT moment, when 

you are constantly thinking about the yesterdays and in regret, living in fear, living in 

hope.........when you NEED to be living NOW.... this very second,the 

one you are in........breathe in it, smile at it, and be thankful for's all u have.........

Do not be scared of the unknown

Make friends with it

If you are scared of the unknown

You are scared of life

And if you are scared of life

You aren't truly living


To achieve eternal life, you must live everyday helping others and 

being the best person you can be to those you this 

way, you will affect others lives so tremendously, that even after 

you are gone, they will take you with them,and keep your memory alive 

for the remainder of their lives....and so on,and so forth


*ERIKA* said...

yes yes YES. thats what i try to get people to understand! couldn't of said it better myself :)

Devon said...

wow jhene you are an inspiration!

Mystikbuttafly said...