Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is y I don't need a gun.......


im not the violent type...more like

sit back and just stay silent, right?

reading every word she typed

and all of ur replies


then smile in your face and bite my tongue......

BUT....if I had a gun....

id duck tape ur mouth shut, tie u up....


put the metal to ur temple and read each symbol

pull up every single photo, from each dumb bimbo


and laugh at your fear, rejoice in your tears


i'd have so much fun...if i had a gun

Id never kill you, its pointless

you'll suffer more sure of this


C.Style The Dancer said...

WOW!!! This is amazing...kinda how I feel as well. Totally can relate.

(I'd like to repost if you don't mind, of course you are the author)

Moni.Capri said...

wowZERZ ! I can dig that !

Moms told me I don't need a gun either. She said I might shoot someone. But, I was like, isn't that what a gun is for? She said, "No, you'd really shoot, shoot someone." LOl !

Good poem !

Devon said...

wow! that was amazing!

Anonymous said...
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