Thursday, April 30, 2009

And if no one told you today.....

Nami's Haiku

I had to write a haiku in my English 127 it is....

Daughter of the wave

Crashes against the shore and

Carries me away



(November 15, 2008)

More from Mayer....

I Like sex and I'm good @ it. lol


I'm Late, but whatever.....I Love Him


"Show yourself.

Be yourself. 
Enjoy yourself. 
Play hard, so that you are in debt to yourself,
so that you must then work hard to repay it.
You're not better than anybody else,
but NOBODY is better than you. 
Can't dance? SAYS WHO?

And when you've returned to dry land, 
back into your roles, 
where the world tells you what to do again, 
right before you start doing it, 
you'll smirk and think to yourself
"That was big, big, fun."

The word "fans" doesn't cut it. 
Thanks for one of the best times of my life. "


Hmmm, I love him!!


Cant wait for this album.....

This is y I don't need a gun.......


im not the violent type...more like

sit back and just stay silent, right?

reading every word she typed

and all of ur replies


then smile in your face and bite my tongue......

BUT....if I had a gun....

id duck tape ur mouth shut, tie u up....


put the metal to ur temple and read each symbol

pull up every single photo, from each dumb bimbo


and laugh at your fear, rejoice in your tears


i'd have so much fun...if i had a gun

Id never kill you, its pointless

you'll suffer more sure of this


I'm pretty excited about this remake being that Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite movies! and Johnny Depp AS the Mad Hatter?!

.... I LOVE HIM!!! 

  This is who will be playing Alice....hmm :-/ They should have casted ME! LOL

On my way home…10.25.08


Nights  are colder,

 days seem longer…

Pray it only makes her stronger.

Stopping at green lights,

 going on red…

Mourning the living,

 envy the dead.

Crying in silence,

 thinking out loud,…

Falling up the ladder,

 growing into a child.

More suffering and  pain.

 the greater she became…

Discover the meaning,

 for the first time…


This is pretty COOL! I like the song too :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When one POEM leads to another & another & another...

"I'm skeptical u could, yet Intrigued that u may."

And sometimes its like...
Ur only "the one" cuz ur the only one here.....  
Convieniently in love, 
cuz ur the only one near..... My greatest fear? Is that It doesn't get any better, 
like I'm searching for the address to an anonymous letter.... Can I be the one...for someone, who is done being young? 
Is there a such thing,as that scene in my dreams? When he's the king and I'm the queen....
I do the dishes and he mows the lawn... 
He goes to work and I stay at home.  
Old Fashion Love, u kno? And sometimes I think....
its not meant to be 
Cuz I feel complete... 
when its just me... 

And so It seems the man in my dreams... is still in love, Feels like I'm stealin love, Like a villain Love
Cause he's real in love, 
And I know the feeling...
 I just wish it was me 
I miss being me 

I miss being me 
Ms. Always be free!
 Who laughed til it hurt 
And always found peace 
I miss that smile 
That sparkle in my eye 
The voice that said "it'll  be alright" when I cried
 I miss being free! 
Ms. Always be ME, 
Has died 

It was just a kiss, 
Just mouth and lips 
Just grasp of hips 
And chest against tits 
Just tongue and spit
And biting a bit
A moment of bliss
A kiss.....

(Written: 4-27-09)

RANDOM (adjective)

Unmethodical, arbitrary, unplanned, undirected,nonspecific, stray, accidental.....
Im so effing RANDOM!

With SO much to post....I'm feeling overwhelmed, but this is only the first night, so I'm gonna take it easy and just post a few more things that I already have written. I write I'll pick and chose when to post my different poems and things of that nature. AND PLEASE, do not be confused by my RANDOM-NESS. 

I just wanna share me...with you...and hopefully inspire...something or someone. I promise not to bore you...and if I do...that probably just means you're boring . hahaha. blah blah blah :)


Looks like it hurts!
Cool pic tho :)

I have so many poems to post...plenty where this came from...


Love is  Lonely….ONLY…. if ur in it alone

Passion IS LOVE….that can’t be controlled

Who doesn’t LOVE love

Who doesn’t love LOVE?

In its truest form…

It has no form or formula

It don’t make sense…it can’t make cents

It just transmits

& That’s just it.

(February 20,2009)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Don't stand in the mirror to fix yourself ,
look in the mirror to admire yourself & love yourself .
The more critiquing you do , the more frustrated you'll become ,
because those flaws you think you see arent gonna go away ,
so instead of looking in the mirror for vanity ...
look in the mirror to enjoy seeing life
in your eyes ,
look in the mirror to tell yourself
' i love you '.. hug yourself.
dance around in a circle & smile at yourself..
look in the mirror and

I AM a Lotus Blossom.

*Meaning of the Lotus Flower*

The Lotus Flower symbolizes purity and divine birth. The unfolding flower embodies the endless ocean of creation.
Because it has buds, blossoms and seed pods simultaneously on the same plant, it represents the past, present and future.

These are my erratic as I am.