Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Short Ode to Blue.....

Blue is my favorite color.....

If 'Im feelin Blue, 

Then I'm feelin Wonder-

Full of life, like the sky and the ocean....

Blue is my favorite emotion

Full of life, like the test with the lines

There were two,

They were blue,

And they gave my life some direction....

Blue is my favorite conception

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sharing school Online Journal

Online Journal:  Journal 11

April 26 - 30

Directions:  Write a letter to the "you" of 10 years ago; don't tell that "you" what the future holds, but give that "you" advice about life and people, and how to conduct him- or herself. 

After you write your journal entry, post it in ONLINE JOURNAL, and then "talk" to at least one other person about his or her journal entry.  Submit this assignment in ATS by 11:59 PM on Friday.

P.S.  Consider saving your letter for your child, or giving it your child, if your child is old enough to read and understand the letter.  If you do not have a child, consider giving this letter to a young friend or relative who may benefit from the wisdom in the letter.Online Journal:  Journal 11

Dear Jhene,

I know you may not believe this, but you are beautiful inside and out. Never let anyone or anything make you feel differently. No one is perfect, but guess what? No one is YOU either! You can't compare yourself to others, just be the best you that you can be. You have a lot to offer the world, but you have to believe in yourself when no one else does and stay focused. Although you know more than most of the kids your age, you still have a lot to learn as we all do.Don't be afraid of what you are capable of. Don't run from success. I know the world of dating is exciting at the tender age of 12, but take your time when it comes to boys. They mature a lot slower than us, so it may be better to wait a while before you get into anything too serious. I know you've been talking to your mom about being home schooled because you want to pursue your career in music and entertainment, but I think you should wait. I've heard that business is really tough, especially when you're a kid. You are extremely talented, but you are an excellent student as well. I think your dream will still be there after you have completed all of your schooling.

Me and you are a lot a like.You are very strong, but yet so sensitive. Be careful of who you let in to your heart. I know you love to please people, but understand that not all people have kind hearts. Continue on the path that you're on. I think that you know what you're doing. Continue to grow and reflect as you always have.I don't know it all, but I do know you are special. No matter what anyone tells you or how often you find yourself being misunderstood, do not change for anyone. I know you believe you can adapt to anyone and any situation, but stay true to yourself...always.

Love, Jhene :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Join the CLUB!

The BOOK CLUB that is :)


For all my people who enjoy reading, learning, and have open minds....I think this is a great idea for us to connect and grow together. We can read many different types of books, but I do want to focus on books that uplift, encourage and have positive messages :)


We can discuss each chapter together, weekly and share our thoughts on what we've read and how we agree or disagree with the author. We can talk about whatever! lol


My main hope is that we read books that are life changing....that by the end of the book, we can genuinely say we are better people :)


Ok, sooooo

The first book i want us ALL to read is by one of my favorite people on this planet, Thich Nhat Hanh. I have blogged about him before and have read 2 of his books already. I can honestly say that those 2 books have really changed me for the better. 


The book I want to start with is "Teachings on Love". This book is 195 pages and should cost about 10 bucks.


Go ahead and google the book and the author and see if it's a book you'd be interested in. If you are, let me know when you get the book by commenting that you have in this post. Once we have a nice little group together, we can start!



can't wait :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

soooooo, yea

This is what I do when I'm bored........... lol

Friday, April 2, 2010


What shall I write about next???? Suggestions??? :) 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I live here now.


I took my head out of the clouds 
to mingle with society
I found myself, 

By myself

In my own little corner

Sitting quietly

THEY stared and thought
 "She's such a loser"
I smiled back 
and waved

I sipped some wine
I watched them laugh

I saw how they behaved

For a moment I thought,
"I shouldn't be here....
.....This isn't the place for me"

But then I realized....

"I'm exactly what,
a THIS place... NEEDS"

So today,
I put on the clothes they wear,
I did my hair as so....

Disguised myself as one of them, 
that way they'd never know

I learned the language,
learned their songs,

I don't dance,

but I learned there moves
I blended in so perfectly
I had everyone fooled

Although It killed me to ACT this way, 
and be untrue to myself.....

I decided to stay 

I HAVE to stay

Its the only way I can HELP

-the lotus.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just for fun.....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back like I left something....

Because everyday is a new day,

that we've never seen before

Every day is a new start..... 

I know the beginning of the New Year is symbolic for most of us,
a time to change what needs to be changed and fix what needs to be fixed, 
but really each and everyday we should have a resolution and work towards becoming better.
Another year has passed us by, and many of us are complaining about what DID not happen in our favor. 
But I think we need to realize that we have already been blessed with favor because we are still alive to see a New 

We have another CHANCE! 

Infact, we are blessed with a new CHANCE everyday we wake up!

So, promise me this..... no more complaining, no more procrastinating, no more putting your time or energy into 
people or situations that you KNOW are a waste....and trust me, you KNOW who and what are wastes!

Be safe, Be aware, Be Open MInded, UNDERSTAND and be thankful :)

-Love Always, Jhene :-*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I turned off the light

Hoping I could see my thoughts more clearly

Without the light

I look in the mirror and see me more clearly

I am here in this moment

Listening to Nami breathe

Realizing Im not who I claim to be

I take pride in knowing  my potential

Yet, take no initiative to fulfill all that I am capable of being and doing

God is said to be the Ground Of Being…..

I say He is the Ground Of Doing

Doing what is right…..

Doing what you want

In a respectful, righteous manner

I am currently what I do

And based on those things...

I am not the being I want to be

But I know my potential

Afraid of my potential?


Or possibly

It’s afraid of me

And sometimes I say these things just to be poetic

Without believing a thing

A friend once told me, regarding poetry…

“Be as  honest as possible”

In that moment

I realized

I couldnt be...

If so, 

It wouldnt be me

And this is my first

Transitional piece

from lies to honesty

Honest Poetry .


The Fire


When I was in the second grade

My grandmother picked me up from school early

She told me something had happened to the house

The house that we had just moved in

With the big living room and bay window

Still undecorated…unfurnished

Not enough time to make too many memories

But in an instant we lost so many……..

Except I remember that’s where I learned to ride a bike

Without training wheels

Then rode it down the hill one day

And ran into a parked car!

And I had my own room…with a big closet

Id pretend it was a small restaurant and serve tea and cookies to my toys J

I thought it was a mansion….

I remember the garden out of a fairy tale

An old well with a tree growing from it

A small library and even a bar

Mommy’s room had carpet in the bathroom

I though that was strange

And an “Island kitchen”

I loved that name

The fire trucks

The charcoal smell

Waiting in the neighbors house

Thinking we’d be able to go back home

Still waiting in the neighbors house

Wondering….when we’d go back home



They saved all they could, but there wasn’t much

No clothes, no shoes, no toys

All baby pictures …….gone forever

But my sisters who were in the house that day

They were ok….

so it was ok

Maybe I was too young to realize the magnitude

Of all that was lost in the fire

The few memories we had made….

The numerous memorabilia that had been taken away

 And all that was lost in the fire

My mother was so calm as I can remember

Our dream home gone before we could truly enjoy it

We moved into a hotel room

5 kids and 2 parents …. 1 hotel room

One new cotton sweat suit and pair of white shoes for the each of us

And through it all I remember being happy  and seeing my mother smile

We lost it all in the fire

But still, all was not lost in the fire


(November 16, 2008)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long Time!!

Hope everyone is doing great!!

 I am :)

Will be blogging more soon ...

Just wanted to say


Thursday, October 1, 2009







Bye !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peace Out

Going back into my shell
Cuz out here it's like hell
- can't deal with all the faulty people and the lies they tell
Here's your cake.... 
But u can't eat it,
There's my heart....
But you can't beat it,
And You can keep it.
I don't need it....
Where I'm goin,We don't feel.....
We only think it.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Mother's Love

(What's between the lines is really important in this one. Enjoy. Relate. Comment :) 
Today I deleted your number from my phone
I planned to erase the memories,
'Til I realized there were none
I've BEEN use to your absence...
So It didn't make a difference,
So there's really nothing missin...

Ur not necessarily a necessity
And honestly,

I was doing YOU a favor

I can tell the whole world 
Of our disqualifications as a man
I can list hundreds before you
That have done what you can't
I can call u out by government name
And have u admitted
(cuz ur ass is insane!)

But that would mean I actually cared,
as if there were somethin we actually shared,
So, I'll leave u with 
a prayer instead...

* A prayer for you:
And the others who....
Thrive on your misery

Blessed be your health,
Wishes for wealth,
And love for your self
You'll need it

The blood we share,

I'll bleed it

But you'll never have my tears
You'll never know my fears....

Cuz you never got to know me
After 21 years.

And in your darkest days
Maybe you'll ponder
You'll think of ur fuck ups...

Maybe you'll wonder

Or maybe you'll still be ignorant 
as the day you were born.

As for me,
I'll never be torn

U have to have a PLACE in a heart, 
In order to break it....
And for as long as I can remember,
That place has been vacant

Love alone is never enough
Unless ofcourse...its a Mother's Love 

Sunday, August 30, 2009

screw you for the confusion....thank you for the inspiration....

so sue me!
for not being a mystery
wearing my heart on my sleeve,
and my thoughts in my speech
so hate me!
for being so free
and loving so hard
without hardly knowing a thing...
And take me to prison!
for giving benefits of doubt
and being transparent
turning inside to out
Just kill me!
For wanting
that someone or something
that I've been deserving
but I'm always hurting
Cuz I'm such a dumby
So SUE me!

Love @ first fight...

when u told me you hate me,

and pushed me and shouted,

that no one would  date me,

then threw me on the ground 

and kissed me with passion

the ceiling was spinning,

the rugs left their rashes....

put it  all in your hands

as I prayed for my life,

and I hated u that  night

it was love @ first sight

*no, i have never been hit by a man before....

this is just a poem....*

Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's a bitter/sweet story about a man....

he met his soulmate over the internet.....

.fell in love with pictures and texts...

in love with a girl that may not even exist, 

Whom he may never get to hold or kiss.

she'll always be something for him to miss.....

but @tleast for the moment what he feels is real

and he smiles and laughs and dreams of her

and writes songs he wishes to sing to her

and though she may be an imaginary friend

she made him feel alive again

Love is still Love,

EVEN when......

There's no one on the other end

True Story

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


and walk outside 

in the middle of the night

in the middle of the street

in the summer's heat

and just go.....

will u die?


nobody knows....

it won't make a difference

just keep ur eyes closed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

kinda funny